We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day in our house but I do enjoy looking at all the decorations in the shops as they are my favourite color…pink!

I also like looking at the special sweets they bring out. Lindt often has white chcolate covered strawberry truffles which are my favourite! This year I found Twix in the shape of hearts and red velvet flavoured Kit Kats which I’m very tempted by BUT we still have lots of chocolate left over from Christmas and we don’t need anymore to tempt us!

I also found these M&M containers which are pretty cute and would be a nice little present for someone anytime of the year! Also, M&Ms with special messages on them, a bit like Love Hearts back in the UK.

There are Reece’s in heart shapes covered in pink chocolate and heart shaped peppermint patties.

I’m always amazed by the volume of special “holiday” treats they have in the supermarkets. In a few days these will be cleared out and Easter will roll in!


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