I am 11 months old.

11 months seems to be a big deal around here as there is a lot of talk among Mummy’s friends and family that I’m not a little baby anymore. They’re right! I’m an active, chatty, adventurous little person who can eat real food, clap my hands, play games and giggle. I’m very aware of everything that goes on and absolutely love watching other people and children, I don’t like to miss anything!

Things I like…

Drinking. I’ve mastered drinking out of a cup and a straw. I still need help holding the cup but I finally understand what all the fuss was about and now really enjoy drinking with my food.

Laughing. I recently discovered that sometimes when I do something Mummy and Daddy will laugh at me. If I continue to do it, they continue to laugh. I can make them laugh! They find it particularly funny when I drop my socks or bury my head into Mummy’s top.

Sounds. Dadadadadadada is still my favourite sound at the moment but I do enjoy chattering away most of the day. If I click my tongue, someone will click back and we have a mini conversation!

Clambering. Life is too short to take the boring route, I like adventure! Rather than just crawl from A to B, I enjoy climbing over toys, furniture and people to get where I want to go.

Toys. I have a favourite toy for every place. In the car I still love Squirt the turtle. In the stroller I enjoy my banana toothbrush. During playtime I still like my shape sorter and have just started to put the pieces back in the box as well as tipping them out.

Books. I really enjoy my books now. I like to turn the pages and beam a great big smile when someone reads to me. I particularly enjoy Giraffes Can’t Dance and Pajama Time as part of my bedtime routine.

Foods. I’m doing very well with my range of foods. This month I’ve tried shepherds pie, risotto, chicken pot pie, several pastas, Brazillian cheese bread and even Chipotle! All of of them have gone down very well. I really love food. I will even eat a banana now as long as I can eat it like a big girl out of the skin, none of this silly little piece malarky!

Things I don’t like…

Face wiping. I’m still not a great fan of having my face wiped although I am better at tolerating it than a few months ago. I still really enjoy bath time and Daddy often sneaks in a face wash while I’m busy playing, but I don’t mind, I give him an extra big splash to get him back!

Teeth. It’s never ending! I have 6 teeth and now I think some of the back teeth are starting to emerge. They’re a pain!

Plain food.  I’m less interested in plain carrot sticks, avocado or eggs. Give me the good stuff, I know it exists!!

Mummy and Daddy have really enjoyed taking me out and about this month. We’ve spent a lot of time outdoors and have been to quite a few restaurants. I’m pretty good at sitting in my highchair and watching people walk past until it’s time to eat.


I can’t wait until next month, there’s something special about 12 months apparently?  I’ve heard I get to eat cake so I’m very excited!


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