Here are 10 nice things that happened last month…

  1. I finally got to try Mamas Cold Brew coffee and it was as delicious as I’d hoped.
  2. We went on our first family “hike”
  3. We made reasonably successful chocolate molten lava cakes…practice makes perfect!


4. Flossie took her first stroller nap. She hasn’t fallen asleep in the stroller since she was around 6 months old so this was a huge achievement for us! Hopefully a little more flexibility in our schedule is just around the corner?!

5. Grandma and Grandad came to visit.

6. We managed a lot of family meals, whether out at restaurants or tea time at home.


7. We had a few Mum and Dad nights out including delicious food from Blanco Tacos, a restaurant we’ve wanted to try for a long time.

8. Flossie got her first pair of shoes.

9. We made the most of the nice weather, playing in the park.

10. Flossie celebrated her first Valentine’s day with apple sauce from our exercise class!




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