Cake is a very important part of our lives! I was very excited at the idea of creating a first birthday cake. I spent hours searching Pinterest and Instagram. I found loads of inspiration and ideas….coloured sponges, elaborate icing, bunny ears, fondant cacti…the list goes on and on! Then, I reined myself in and realised that not only did I have too many ideas but, more importantly,  I don’t possess the skills required to create a four tier rainbow sponge with smooth ombre icing, perfect sprinkle covered sides and a fondant cactus on the top!!

All I needed was something that tasted good, had pink icing and a simple design that would allow for amateur mistakes. We ended up with a three layer raspberry and chocolate chip cake, which tasted delicious despite me dropping one layer as I took it out of the oven to test and had to scrape the batter off the oven door! I made strawberry frosting which used freeze dried strawberries so actually tasted of fresh strawberry and had a lovely pink color with no artificial colouring. With a little family help I did my first “crumb coat”, piped rose – type – swirls all over and filled in the gaps with some whipped cream when I ran out of icing at 10pm! It didn’t turn out perfectly, it looked much better from a distance, but I don’t think it was too bad for a first attempt. It was certainly the style I was aiming for just not as precise as I would have liked. Luckily I don’t think Flossie noticed the mistakes!

Flossie had her very own baby/allergy friendly cake to dive into, which she devoured in a flash and barely missed a crumb! I sandwiched together two of her banana and oat muffins and topped them with strawberry flecked whipped cream to make her very own little pink gateau!


We love a good birthday cake in our house and I’m so pleased that we’ve started Flossie’s birthday traditions with homemade cakes. Hopefully it’s something we can continue every year and they’ll get better and better!



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