March was so busy and we had a really nice month. Here are 10 great things we did…

  1. We had a lovely time with family visiting, Flossie loved playing with her uncle and grandma and grandad.
  2. Three of our friends’ babies also turned one this month so we went to a lot of birthday parities!
  3. We spent a lot of time outdoors, enjoying the cooler weather.
  4. We took Flossie on her first mini train and carousel ride.

5. We visited the Uptown Farmers Market.

6. We got more adventurous with our restaurant choices and Flossie enjoyed eating more real food off our plates. She even had her first fruit plate!

7. We made the most of our babysitters and had a few trips out, including a very delicious almond brittle filled ice cream sundae.

8. We found some great new baby friendly family recipes.

9. We did a lot of walking.

10. We celebrated Flossie’s first birthday!


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