I didn’t think we had done much this month until I started looking through photos and realized we have been busy! Here are 10 of our favourite things we’ve done this month…

  1. Watching Flossie change everyday. She’s had a few tough weeks this month due, we think, to molars popping through but she has been so happy and cheerful the rest of the time that it’s easy to forget the harder times. She is cruising, babbling and grown so much we now only buy age 2 clothes!
  2. We celebrated my birthday.
  3. We progressed to the big girl car seat and she seems to like it….phew!

4. We had our first trip to the splash pad. Flossie just sat at the edge and let the water splash her (the water was freezing!). She loved watching the bigger kids running in and out of the fountains!

5. We’ve had a lot of trips to play in the park with with friends and family.

6. We tried some plastic bag painting and we’re hoping to try out some more Pinterest ideas soon.

7. Flossie took her first ride in a shopping trolley and seemed to enjoy it. She held on with an iron grip for the entire trip but has happily gone back in the cart a few times since.

8. We celebrated Easter with eggs, BBQ and bunny ears.

9. We’re all finished with baby bottles…which is actually quite a relief! We’ve gained a bit more time and freedom back and she is doing a great job drinking from her straw and open flow cups.

10. We’ve had quite a few night time walks before bed which we’ve all enjoyed while the weather allows!




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