Last Mother’s day I was only about 6 weeks old. This year I was able to play a much more active part in Mummy’s day!

Daddy helped me buy Mummy a lovely card and just like last year I wrote a message in my, very advanced for my age, handwriting!


I think Daddy made Mummy pancakes for breakfast because when I came down from my morning nap, the kitchen was a mess and I could see a maple syrup bottle. They must have eaten them all as I didn’t get any leftovers but I was quite happy with my porridge instead!


This year I helped Mummy open some presents. I’m very good at taking things out of bags and getting rid of the paper. Mummy seemed very very excited about a cup. She was very pleased that Daddy remembered it. I was very disappointed as when I picked it up and tried to drink out of it, it was empty! I kept trying over and over, sticking my face further inside but there was no water in there!


I also gave Mummy some lovely new pyjamas as I ruined most of hers last year. Now she has some smart, correctly sized, matching pjs and the best part is they are covered in Finding Dory characters. I like to point out Dory, she’s still one of my favourite toys!

We went to the park again this year and I played my favourite games “walk around and around the stroller” and “pull everything out of the diaper bag”. We had a really lovely day!

DSC_0131 1

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