I know a lot of people will read that title and think “they’re mad! Why would you take a one year old to Disneyland?!”

We ummed and aaahed a long time before we finally decided to take the plunge and book tickets. It’s somewhere we really wanted to go as a family, it was a cool, quiet time of year, we no longer need breastfeeding or bottles and most importantly we don’t have to cross the Atlantic, it’s only a 6 hour car journey away. The time was right!

We packed up the kitchen sink and off we went. The journey there was our best so far, the time seemed to fly over. We found nicer stopping points this time and Flossie actually fell asleep in the car for one of her two naps which was much better than expected! I only had to sing “the wheels on the bus”, “Old MacDonald” and “wind the bobbin up”on repeat  for the last 90 minutes of our journey…it could have been much much worse!!

We spent Monday in Newport Beach and headed to Anaheim on Sunday. We managed to sneak in a visit to Side Car donuts for breakfast…almost worth the drive alone in my opinion!

On Monday we headed into Disneyland after Flossie’s morning nap, she is not a stroller napper, no matter how we try it always ends in tears so we had decided before we left that both her naps would be in the hotel room which worked nicely with opening times as the parks didn’t open until 9 or 10 most days.

For anyone that hasn’t been to Disneyland before, it is very different from Disney World. There are regular non-Disney hotels right outside and walking to and from the parks is very easy, much easier than parking at the parks in fact. Our hotel was a 12 minute walk away and we didn’t have to wrestle her in and out of a car seat and use a bus or tram, we just crossed three roads and we were there!

Monday was the busiest crowd day but it was still pretty light compared to busy times of year we have been before. Obviously, having a stroller makes for a different experience than just the two of us walking around and we soon learn’t that you can’t weave across Main Street very easily as our stroller wheels got caught in the tram lines!

Flossie’s very first ride was “It’s a Small World” and she actually seemed really interested in watching all the dolls move and it kept her attention for the entire boat ride. I think we rode maybe 4 times over the length of our trip and every time she was captivated and sat perfectly still. This was when we realized we’d made the right decision bringing her at this age, she was enthralled and even though she might not remember it, we have the memories to share with her when she’s older.

There are actually quite a lot of rides that any child can do sitting on your lap. We rode the Teacups, the Haunted House, Winnie the Pooh, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, Buzz’s Astroblasters, the Carousel, Snow White, Dumbo, Casey Jr. Circus Train, Storybook Canals, Peter Pan, looked around Toon Town, Mr Toad’s Wild Ride and the Tiki Room. Phew! It seems a lot when you write it out! We didn’t stop to see any characters, as she isn’t showing any interest at the moment and we had more than enough to do.

Flossie’s favourite was the Teacups, which are one of my favorites too! She had a huge smile on her face the entire time and when we stood in line for them she started reaching out to them, which we both found very interesting as we weren’t expecting her to be as aware of her surroundings as she actually was!

We were so pleased that we were able to go on Buzz with her too as that’s one of our favourite rides, it just mean’t that I had to aim with wrong hand and Flossie enjoyed playing with the joystick, still a lot of fun!

Happy was the theme of our trip. Flossie was smiley and engaged the entire time. She sat beautifully in her stroller when we were waiting to get into the parks, she was happy to be held in the queues for rides even in the 35 minute, hot, sunny Peter Pan queue. (It’s funny how pre-baby 35 minutes for something as popular as Peter Pan would have been no problem. Now it’s a get in the line and assess everyones mood/hunger levels/ arm tiredness and see if we think we can make it with only a banana for entertainment!)

Okie dokie…I think this post has been long enough to give you a flavor of our very successful Disneyland trip and probably our favourite family holiday so far. As with any holiday, we ate a lot of good food too and I’ll make sure to share that with you soon so I can reminisce and drool all over the yummy looking photos!




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