On our previous trips to Disneyland and Disney World we have rarely eaten at Disney restaurants other than the occasional snack. Eating a full meal takes up too much valuable fun time! This trip was different and the pace much slower, mainly dictated by our hungry-all-the-time one year old, so we decided to treat ourselves and explore some of the option Disneyland has to offer. We did a little research before our trip, mainly using to read reviews, discover some of the more unusual treats Disneyland has to offer and point us in the right direction allergy wise.

We found some really delicious meals. We ate soup and grilled cheese at the Jolly Holiday Cafe, a Mary Poppins themed restaurant. We had grilled chicken and enchiladas at Rancho Del Zocalo which had a great outdoor shady area to sit and eat. There is a pop up Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant which served Poutine which tasted much much better than it looked! One of our favorite food stops was Bengal BBQ where we ate skewers of BBQ chicken, beef and vegetables with a super spicy sauce. I’ve found a recipe for the beef skewers online and can’t wait to try it! Flossie very much enjoyed eating the Tiger Tail bread stick! In fact she enjoyed all of the food, often eating more than half of my plate!


It wouldn’t be a holiday without lots of sweet treats and we found some great new favorites this trip. We tried the Grey Stuff at the Beauty and the Beast restaurant, which was delicious…we didn’t need to ask the dishes! We tried Chris’ first funnel cake which we both thoroughly enjoyed. You can’t come to Disneyland and not eat a Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bar so I happily obliged!  Chris tried a pineapple Dole Whip which was much more pineappley that we expected, very light and fresh, not as sugary sweet as we’d feared. We also found the Mickey shaped beignets which were fluffy doughnuts covered in a dangerous amount of icing sugar, there was a trail from the shop all the way to the waterfront of white powder that had been dropped as people tucked into their snack!

Not bad for a short trip! We thoroughly enjoyed everything we ate on our holiday!

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