Nearly half way through June and I have forgotten to record our best things from May! Here are our 10 top moments…

  1. We took an amazing trip to Disneyland.
  2. We had, what will probably be, our last trip to the park until autumn.
  3. Flossie started to let us hold her hand to help her walk. It’s lovely to help her toddle around and if she takes both your hands she can run at great speed!
  4. I’ve gained a helper when putting the shopping away. She’s very good at unpacking!

5. We’ve had a few water trips – splash pad and paddling pool!

6. Flossie took her first climb up the stairs.

7. We’ve spent some lovely afternoons playing and reading. Flossie is really enjoying her books at the moment.

8. We celebrated our second Mother’s day.

9. Flossie has been an absolute joy. This last month she has smiled and laughed so much and we’ve managed to capture more of those smiles on film!

10. We’ve had quite a few BBQs and I’ve managed to do quite a lot of cooking this month so the freezer is fully stocked with leftovers. Flossie ate her first corn on the cob – she did a great job nibbling the corn off but struggled to hold it horizontally!

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