If you can imagine the title of this blog post in the cutest little voice and accompanied by a tiny hand waving then you have the perfect picture of how Flossie is saying “bye bye” to everything at the moment! We say bye bye to toys, people, the train that runs around the mall and now to this blog too….maybe not forever but for the foreseeable future.

We started the blog to keep a record of our adventure moving abroad and we’ve managed to keep it fairly up to date for two years but over the last few months we’ve had less and less time to spend on it. A few weeks ago I was running out of blog space and instead of asking for help, I decided I would just delete a whole load of photos out of my album to free up space….I know nothing about how WordPress works…turns out, it deletes them from your blog posts too! So a lot of our earlier posts now don’t have photos, I went back and spent a night trying to find photos and put them back together but, oh boy, was I annoyed that I’d made such a silly mistake! It was at that point that I realised that all this online memory keeping isn’t permanent. I could lose all of it  at any time! So, as the details we want to remember get more personal and our time is more precious, we’ve decided to stop posting regularly and put our efforts into different kinds of family memory keeping. We might pop back occasionally to keep anyone who is still following along updated of the goings on in our lives but it won’t be on a regular basis and will probably be more photo based. It makes me a bit sad as I’ve enjoyed keeping in touch with people this way but we have so many things to do at the moment that I can’t give everything as much attention as I would like and this will definitely help to lessen the load!

Rather than just disappearing, I thought I would write this so you know why we’re not posting and to say thank you to everyone that has followed along on our journey with us. If we get more time in the future or we start a new adventure, we might start up again but until then, thank you for reading and “bye bye” (with a tiny waving hand!)


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